BIBA Mission


For the Brazos Valley to be a place defined and distinguished by its many fine and varied locally owned independent businesses, with a culture known to value and nurture this model of business.


The mission of the Alliance is to build a healthy local economy, which provides better work opportunities for the people of the Brazos Valley and the surrounding region while preserving a strong sense of community that nurtures individuals and families.


To help locally owned independent businesses flourish, BIBA will work to raise awareness of the power of consumer purchasing decisions, publicize the full value offered by independent businesses, and shift consumer spending to BIBA member businesses by:

  • Increasing community awareness of the value of doing business with locally owned independent businesses through editorials, broadcast interviews, cooperative advertising, presentations to civic groups, and other promotional efforts.

  • Marketing member businesses to the public through the BIBA Membership Directory and a web site that provide an easy way to find BIBA businesses that sell needed goods and services.

  • Building critical brand-name recognition through the BIBA name and logo, cooperative promotions, discounted advertising rates with participating local media, and group purchasing.

  • Building rapport with key media and government officials to make future reporting and local policies more responsive to the needs of locally owned independent businesses.

  • Working cooperatively with government officials when laws or government plans threaten the interests of the Brazos Valley’s locally owned independent businesses.

  • Working to encourage and support locally owned independent businesses in all segments of our local economy.

  • Working to establish a high, locally defined, standard of business that distinguishes BIBA members as community leaders.