Why Buy Local?

You may want to shop locally simply because it is a very cool thing to do. But there are also many concrete reasons for supporting locally owned independent businesses.

Local Economic Impact

Choosing locally owned independent businesses will return approximately three and a half times the amount of revenue to our local economy. Not only do local businesses keep their profits here, they also hire local professionals such as accountants, attorneys, those involved with marketing and other local suppliers of overhead services. Locally owned independent businesses are much more likely to acquire materials locally. All of the management for locally owned independent businesses is local. Our local businesses do not seek tax abatements or other costly incentives to locate here. There is no better stimulus for our local economy than shopping with locally owned independent businesses.


Locally owned independent businesses reflect the unique character of our community. This, too, significantly impacts our local economy, as people come to our community to find something unique and interesting. Tourism depends on a unique local culture.  Many people already come to the area for the Bush Library, Texas A&M sporting events and educational opportunities such as the fireman’s training program.  They will spend more money in our community if we provide shops and services that reflect our community’s unique character and sense of quality. Our unique character will encourage others to find the Brazos Valley an appealing destination, allowing us to benefit from outside revenue. Additionally, locally owned businesses contribute a larger percentage of their sales to local charities. Our City Councils, committees, and boards of nonprofits come disproportionably from the leadership provided by our locally owned independent business owners.


Locally owned businesses provide quality in what they provide and what they add to our community. Local businesses provide consistent pricing, and are more likely to provide seasoned employees who know their business. Local businesses typically do a better job of standing behind their products and services.


Locally owned businesses are more likely to be located closer to city centers such as Downtown.  In this way they help preserve our country side and the rural culture that exists at the edges of town and have always been an important part of our character.

Earth Friendly

Regardless of their opinion on global warming, most Americans have become committed to doing there part to insure a clean and healthy environment for our children in independence from foreign oil. Supporting a strong local economy is one of the best ways to reduce transportation, which is one of the largest contributors to the degradation of our environment and creating a dependence on foreign oil.

Cool, Yet Practical

For all of these reasons shopping with locally owned independent businesses is one of the coolest and one of the most practical things you can do. Let your friends know that you choose our locally owned independent businesses whenever you can.